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Nedia's CD - $10!

Her latest Gospel CD entitled "Your Love" - just $10 for a limited time!

Nedia Keel - Your Love CD
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Special Limited Time CD Offer


Special Limited Time CD Offer!


About Nedia Keel

Introducing Nedia Keel, Singer / Songwriter

Her Call to the Ministry of Music for the Lord:

Nedia Brewer Keel has been singing for the past 28 years - since she was in 4th grade. She has performed many types of music from Country to Pop, Easy Listening to Broadway music and choral music  for most of her life.  Nedia gave her life to the Lord in the 5th grade.  She was buried with Christ in Baptism at the Lebanon Rd. Church of Christ in Nashville, TN. Most recently in her life, she has started writing again and this time her songs were not just love songs, but love songs for the Lord.  There is a beauty and a simplistic truth behind the songs she has written for the Lord with the talent he has given her.  The truth behind her songs is that God’s love for mankind is his son Jesus and that we are all ants on a hill and are not deserving of his grace and his son’s sacrifice but he sacrificed for us because HE LOVES US!!!  So, through her music Nedia prays that the masses will be blessed and will be edified.  For those that have not accepted Jesus, she prays for them to come to know the forgiveness and grace of God through his son Jesus. She believes that there is one Faith and One Lord  which is the Lord Jesus, being the son of God and he was crucified for our sins to keep all who will obey him and his Father out of the hands of Hell and Satan.

Talent on loan for the Glory of God:

Nedia has one of the richest and most beautiful voices created by God. Nedia is a gifted, yet humble woman with morals and a dream to share a God-given talent with the world. She feels like she is accomplishing a goal and a mission with her new Gospel CD. She is the genuine article. She’s funny, yet sensitive and she is tempered with common sense. She is not fake and is easy and enjoyable to work with. The word “work” doesn’t scare her. She lives by a built-in work ethic.  The ‘Your Love” CD is solely done for the love of God and her savior Jesus Christ to edify and uplift all of those that hear Nedia’s music.  She does not want her music to deter any from praising and lifting up their own voices to God.  We are all called to sing to God.  We are all called to praise his holy name with Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. So, once you learn the songs on her CD she encourages you to please sing along with the CD wither you are in the shower or in your car!  Only good things can come from singing about the Lord.

Nedia’s Accomplishments in Music through the Lord:

Her love of music started at a very young age.  When Nedia was in the 4th grade at Donelson Elementary in Nashville, Tennessee, Mr. Thompson who was one of Nedia’s music teachers was so impressed with her vocal ability that he put her in front of over 100 people at the Tennessee Department of Education to sing at a banquet. The board of educators and administrators were so impressed with her that they gave her a standing ovation. She received various accolades through Jr. High, High School and College. Her family lived in Nashville until Nedia was in the 7th grade and then they relocated to Romney, WV which is in the Eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Nedia attended Hampshire High School. While there, she became involved in Chorus and the Bluegrass Club and was chosen to represent her school in the West Virginia All-State Chorus two years in a row. She was voted most likely to sing on the Grand Old Opry by her school peers. She had parts in many singing dramas and other plays and talent competitions in which she placed first.  She was president of her Chorus at Allegany Community College in Cumberland, MD, which she performed solos as well as duets. Nedia grew up in a bible-believing and God-Fearing home.  Her mother, father and sister always enjoyed singing 4 part harmony to Hymns of the Church while traveling on trips. Nedia graduated from the Media Technology program at Allegany Community College with an Associate of Arts degree. Then, she transferred to MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN in 1987 where she continued with music and writing in the Recording Industry Management program. Nedia’s family followed her back to Tennessee this time in 1988. They have always tried to support her in her dreams. Nedia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in the Recording Industry Management program in 1990 with a minor in Mass Communications and Music. She met her husband while working as a waitress at Quincy’s restaurant in Donelson, a suburb of Nashville, in her last semester at MTSU. She married her spouse 11 months after the day they met and have lived in Huntsville, AL for almost 20 years. She is still involved in writing music and singing. Her performances include many outings where she sings the "National Anthem" for the Huntsville Havoc Hockey team, the Alabama Vipers arena football team, and the Huntsville Stars baseball games and Alabama State Bowling Tournaments. She has also sang at many weddings, parties, banquets, church gatherings, and funerals. She also does an annual two-hour Christmas show each year for Santa’s Village in Downtown Huntsville, AL.

Nedia’s Dream:

Her first Gospel CD is being released with the help of recording engineer, Howard Hibbett and producers Louie & Susan Swift of Swift Music Group as well as her promoter with On The Vine Promotions. There are eight wonderfully-mastered songs on this Gospel CD, Two of which Nedia wrote herself.  Nedia feels this CD is a calling to her from the most high God to glorify Him through her vocal chords that he has blessed her with and loaned to her while here on this earth.  Currently, Nedia is being played on several radio station in the U.S.A. and some stations overseas, as well as the World Wide Web.  Nedia wishes for all to come to know the love, grace and glory of our Holy and Divine God through his son Jesus our Savior.  God doesn’t want any of us to perish, but all to come in contact with his love and grace and forgiveness.  Nedia’s dream is that God can achieve his goals through her.  She longs for the Lord to use her for his glory to save souls.

A Personal Message from Nedia:

Hello my friend.  May the Lord bless you richly and always protect you and take you to heaven with him when this life has ended.  I pray your treasures are laid up there along with a mansion on the hill next to and near the Lord Jesus!!!

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